ActivInspire Tips
Week #11:
Final Tip for the first group:
I was trying to think of what would be a good last tip for this group. More with Actions? Then, I stumbled on an old site that I had bookmarked awhile ago:
There are tons of good ideas in here:
1. Store your ActivPen with the white nib up in the air! I You probably already know this, but a good reminder.
2. Their most recent addition was to use the Page Zoom
3. I also like this one about movable sticky notes!

Check them out. Tell me what you think? I haven't made it through all of them.
Week #10:
All About Actions: I remember seeing this flip chart earlier this year. Probably from Promethean Planet. I found it, however, here: underneath "Quick Tips"
I like this one because it shows a few more Actions that you can use. I like how they use the bar graphs with Stretch Top Incrementally.
Create your Axes and make bars how you'd like. Add objects below to control the size of the bars (they used arrows).
Click on the icon to move it up and the Action "Stretch Top Incrementally", then below under Action Properties, select the Target (Bar that will move up and down) and then y (to go up try +10 and down -10). You may have to adjust the number depending on your y-axis.
Finally, DON'T FORGET TO CLICK "Apply Changes" at the bottom!

You can use this first page to create your own bar graph.
PLUS, there are a few other actions described, check them out.

Week #9:
More Magic Reveal Tools:
I was trying to decide what to do after the Thanksgiving break and what might be a little more 'interesting' these three weeks before the Christmas break. I ran into this Flip chart link from Planet_Tweets on Twitter. I uploaded the flip chart below:

They used the Magic Ink to reveal items hidden underneath something on the top layer. I also like this flipchart because it explains how to create your own Magic Reveal tool, then gives 10 ideas of where you could use them and my favorite....pre-made tools ready to use. As a matter of fact, I opened up my Resource Browser and dragged the tools that I liked right into it! Then, I have it from this computer whenever I'd like to use it.

Week #8:
Changing Profiles and Customizing the Main Toolbox
There are preset profiles: Authoring, At The Board, Languages, Mathematics and Media.
*You're probably default using the " Authoring " setting. These are all customized by Promethean, but you can add other things to the main toolbox, change the size, many things.
In ActivInspire, if you go to File-Settings , you'll notice that you're in the last tab. If you click on Tools (left column) you can customize the tools - setting appear on the right. For instance, I like to switch that top Default tool to Select, so that when I open up ActivInspire I don't have the pen right away. You can change the default size, scroll down to customize Math tools, and more....
The other main thing I like to do is to go to "Layout" tab (Just below the drop down box for Profiles - Probably says Authoring for most of you). In this Layout tab, you can change the size of the Main Toolbox, number of colors displayed and a host of other things.
In the "Commands" tab, you can find commands that you want on the Main Toolbox and after you click on the command, go to the bottom and click "Add", then it will appear over on the left. Then, you can move it up or down to customize that Main Toolbox with tools that YOU will use.
On the right side drop down box that says Main Toolbox will also let you customize the Marquee Handles that appear when you click on an object in ActivInspire.
Video Tutorial from TeacherTube below on Customizing Main Toolbox:

Week #7:
Importing Files - Usually, you probably go to: File - Open. to open existing Flip charts. However, if you look down farther in the File menu, you'll see Import (which we used to bring in Resource Packs from Promethean Planet.
One of them is to open up a PowerPoint (which I know quite a few of you use), you can open as images OR as objects. However, you may lose some of the actions that work in Microsoft PowerPoint.
The other one is SMART Notebook files. The reason I bring this up, is because there are a ton of SMART sites out there as well that have Notebook files, especially on If you ever search for good resources and run into Notebook files, try to save and open up in ActivInspire!
Just like a PowerPoint, you may lose some of the bells and whistles, but it may be a great place to start and to add your own information.Saving OR Exporting Files - Once your done, mostly people just save it as a Flipchart file. I know many teachers save it under their name on the Portville server. Some share them on the Shared folder for others in their department to use. However, what if you'd like students to open it at home and they don't have ActivInspire? They could download the Flipchart Viewer.
But, how about just exporting the Flipchart as a pdf?
Then, they'd be able to view anything you have in there and get the critical information of the lesson.

Week #6:This week, how about linking to other Flipchart pages and to other websites or files on your computer? Click on the flipchart below for a quick tutorial.

Week #5:
Tim Cooper's Flipchart about using Additional ActivInspire tools. Desktop Annotate, Printing, Desktop Tools and more. More of a reminder of some of the things we went over, but might be good to see again.

Wondering about other things to do on the ActivBoard? Let me know and I'll try to add it for next week.

Week #4:
Flipchart file to show how to walk through an ActiVote quiz. I found this in the Promethean Planet Forum here. From the 2009 ActivCarolinas Conference.

Week #3:Looking for more help with the Action Browser? This flipchart may show you some new tips and tricks. Thanks again Tim Cooper, see the rest of his Flipchart tutorials below or here.
Next week, I'll try to finish some steps on how to use the ActiVotes and/or ActivExpressions! I hope those are working.

Week #2. Look to use the Notes Browser!
Notes_Browser.png Create notes for your students (or yourself) in a flipchart. You can go to the Action Browser and then the Drag and Drop tab to drag a Yellow Notes Browser button onto the Flipchart page. Instant directions (or a tip). Try it out. Here's a Flipchart I did from one of Dave Waugh's Flipcharts:

Week #1. Use the Page Reset to restore a Flipchart page back to it's last saved position.
Page_Reset.png You can find the Page Reset in the Action Browser. Go to the Drag and Drop section and you can bring one right out onto your page!

Good websites for the Promethean Board
Week #11:
1. Random Name/Word Generator - An oldie, but a goody from You put in your students names and they'll randomnly choose them.
You can have the words/students names chosen by the Typewriter or Fruit Machine Jackpot.

2. Graphic Organizer Flipcharts - Found this from the Ning group I'll talk about later. Two pages of items to use (GO DOWN THE PAGE A BIT to find "Reading Quest and Shell Publishing" Flipcharts). I like this because they have Flipcharts and I found a Venn Diagram that I know a few people asked about earlier this year.
Direct Links:

3. Math Flipcharts and Science Flipcharts- These are links from Tim Cooper's wiki that I thought may be helpful.
Tim_Cooper's_Math_Wiki_resources.png Tim_Cooper's_Science_Wiki_resources.png

4. Promethean IWB Users Ning Group Page - An online community to join, have your own page and share ideas about using Promethean equipment. I had a Ning group for our Promethean group, but wanted to focus more on learning the software and tips and tricks to use on your ActivBoards.
This page has many good links, some you may have seen before.

Week #10:
1. Zoom into Maps - Great resource using the Library of Congress to enter and find Military Maps, Migration and Settlement, Environmental Maps and more.

2. The Problem Site - A general list of problems, games and interactive ideas for various grade levels.

3. BBC Science - This was the one English site that I hear of, but there are also links to Maths (yes they say Maths) and English. For elementary students more (at least what I've explored).

Week #9:
1. Promethean Planet - I know everyone knows about this, but here's a little reminder. At the end of the day, I go here to search for Flipcharts here.
This is the link to the flipchart on "More Magic Reveal Tools".

2. Math 3D Interactives - A 3D Interactive site for Prisms and Pyramids that rotates the shapes. A Genesee Valley teacher was asking for some site that would show all the sides for a 3D shape. This is one I found, the rest are here tagged Math in my Delicious account.

3. Interactive Whiteboard Links for Multiple Subjects - Last one, a website with various links for many subject areas. Let me know if any of these work well for you.


Week #8:
1. SMARTBoard Goodies Good blog for all Interactive Whiteboards that are good for elementary students from an elementary teacher.

2. Planet10 - Interactive Website of our solar system and/or build your own planet.

Week #7:
1. KidZone - A safe search engine for kids. When searching for something specific, you could send kids to the board and use the keyboard to type in and search for material in a safe environment.

2. MediaNet offerings - Most of you probably know what they have had in the past, but they've added quite a bit more. Now under the "Other Digital" link on the right side you can get to Soundzabound- free sounds to use on your ActivBoard, other MP3 recordings (to play in ActivInspire, you may need to use a program like to convert it to a .wav file). Others as well, like Animusic and Glenn Colton music. You can even find some digital images that will continue to improve. For more information, feel free to contact any of the helpful and lovely ladies we have working up at "The Barn" on Windfall Road.

3. JC-Schools Ineractive Websites - Listings for various subjects to find good interactive websites.

Week #6:
A variety of websites that were shared this week on Twitter and I bookmared in my Delicious account.
1. Word Magnets - Type in whatever text you want, then choose the background (I chose letters below) and then you can click and drag where you want. You can also use with older students and chose one of the Venn Diagram backgrounds.
Word Magnets

2. How about Congress Speaks? Who spoke the most of the 110th Congress? Click on a State and find a representative, then find another representative to compare "Who spoke the most".

3. for Educators - Educational links and videos from NASA.

4. - A unique collection of thousands of wildlife videos, images and fact-files, with a special focus on the world's threatened species.

Week #5:
I'm looking this week at Panoramic websites where you can see pictures from all over the world, scroll and zoom in on specific items or people.
1. I liked this one below. The task set for us was to find the Chief Justice that appears to be sleeping during President Obama's Inagurational speech?!?! Click on the picture and see if you can find him/her.

2. A teacher at Randolph showed me this site because he wanted to show his students Niagara Falls. There are a few panoramics of Niagara Falls and tons of other sites.

3. Another one I found in my Delicious links. Good luck and enjoy.

Week #4:
Science interactive site that I found on Twitter this weekend.

The one people seemed to like the most was on the cell at:

The other site with plenty of interactives for various grades and subjects was Sheppard Software.

Week #3: Maybe more for Math and Science people, but Wolframalpha is a newer search engine for computational knowledge. Type in a formula or ask for specific info. Pretty neat.

How about You can watch live videos of animals from Africa and/or search for favorites of the past.
I hope this isn't blocked?!?! You can read more about there here:

Week #2. ZAMZAR-
A free site to convert audio, video, document and picture files. You will have to deal with some pop-ups. However, they'll send you an e-mail when it's done and a link to go get your converted file.
A Good website for your Promethean Board? How about:

Chucked full of videos from the NBC News archives. Plus, other interactive games and much more.

Week #1. How about Wordle? Here's the link to the Presidential Inagurational addresses.


15 Free Education Resources for IWB's