Getting Started

I found some good Flipcharts about getting started and will post them in here as well as some general tips.
Tim Cooper's wiki that has great Flipchart tutorials is at:
Tim's newest updates are here:

Another great website with pdf tutorials and links:

Use Promethean Planet to search: and/or just searching Google for specific Flipcharts

FYI: If you won't be using your Promethean Board for 20 minutes or more, then you can turn off the projector!

1. What if my board isn't working when I start it up?
Turn the computer and projector all the way off and wait for the projector to be completely shut off. Wait a few more minutes then start it up.
If it still doesn't work, click on the ActivManager icon in the bottom right corner and go into the Control Panel. Click on the "Connections" tab and make sure it is connect, if not, Find the board and connect.

2. Storing the pen.
When you put the ActivPen in the slot on the side of the board, remember to store it with the white 'nib' facing up. That should save the life of the pen and nib.

3. What if I lost my pen?
Make sure you know where you kept your second pen and let David Chambers know right away. If you lose both, it will take awhile to get another one, you will have to run the board from your computer.

4. Is there another way to turn on the projector other than the remote?
No. I actually called Promethean to get an answer to this. If you lose the remote, you would have to see if someone else's remote could start your projector, or......order another one!