Links to good Promethean sites and Tutorials to use:

PrometheanPlanet - Create an account to search all they offfer for teachers. Portville has one, but if you want, create your own.
Great tutorials and lesson plans to download. How about joining the FORUM? Select a category like Activinspire or click on Search to find specific topics.
Links to Best Practice and the video from Dr. Robert Marzano about Promethean!

Do you want ActivInspire for your home computer? Go here

TeacherTube - Has Promethean Tutorials. There are also videos on YouTube with IgniteLearning - if it's not blocked.

Mark's Delicious links for Promethean

Promethean's Main page is: PrometheanWorld

Join the Promethean Forum for questions and to see what others are asking.

Australian Teacher Blog post about Top 5 things for new Promethean Board users

Tai Ann's Flipchart to go from Beginner to Intermediate:

Other Online resources:
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
NY Thinkfinity

All of Tim Cooper's ActivInspire Flipchart resources from:

1_Getting Started I Inspire SU09.flipchart
2_Getting Started II Inspire SU09.flipchart
3_Working With Text Inspire SU09.flipchart
4_Working with the Resource Library Inspire SU09.flipchart
5_Drawing Tools Inspire SU09.flipchart
6_Working with Images Inspire SU09.flipchart
7_Working with Numbers Inspire SU09.flipchart
8_Additional ActivInspire Tools Inspire SU09.flipchart
9_Presenting Your Flipcharts Inspire SU09.flipchart
10_Actions - Introduction Inspire SU09.flipchart
11_Property Settings and Restrictors Inspire SU09.flipchart
12_Actions - Advanced Inspire SU09.flipchart
13_Containers Inspire SU09.flipchart

Tim's newest Flipchart tutorials are here:

Just download the flipchart and either open to view or save to your H:drive.**

What are some of the websites you can use with yoru Promethean Board????
Well, here are a few options from Go2Web2.0(not all will be school appropriate)