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If teachers are interested, I'll continue to add more to this wiki for Promethean help.
Tim Cooper just updated his wiki and great Flip chart to help found here: http://promethean.york.wikispaces.net/su10training
Want to Record Sound? First go to Properties and the Settings tab and down to Recording and change the drop down menu to "Save to disk" Then it doesn't save that sound directly onto your Flipchart page. When you save it, give it a name with .wav at the end, like "Hello.wav"
Mrs. Sears Resources:

Free Clipart:
Other Good Tutorials:

Helpful tips and Tutorials:
All of the Tips and Websites are on our ActivInspire Tips and Good Websites section

Below are some of the other tips and resources the first group of Portville teachers used throughout the year:

1. ActivTips from PrometheanPlanet:http://www.prometheanplanet.com/server.php?show=nav.1147


Also, you can find these Promethean Tutorials at TeacherTube or iTunes.

2. All of Tim Cooper's ActivInspire Flipchart resources from:

1_Getting Started I Inspire SU09.flipchart

2_Getting Started II Inspire SU09.flipchart

3_Working With Text Inspire SU09.flipchart

4_Working with the Resource Library Inspire SU09.flipchart

5_Drawing Tools Inspire SU09.flipchart

6_Working with Images Inspire SU09.flipchart

7_Working with Numbers Inspire SU09.flipchart

8_Additional ActivInspire Tools Inspire SU09.flipchart

9_Presenting Your Flipcharts Inspire SU09.flipchart

10_Actions - Introduction Inspire SU09.flipchart

11_Property Settings and Restrictors Inspire SU09.flipchart

12_Actions - Advanced Inspire SU09.flipchart

13_Containers Inspire SU09.flipchart

** Tim's newest updates can be found here: http://promethean.york.wikispaces.net/su10training

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Participants for Fri. Aug. 1st:
Brent Tincher (Wellsville Social Studies)
Janet Bell TAssistant
Amy Enos grade 6 ELA
Amy Wilson grade 3
Amy Mesler middle and high school English

Getting started PDF: http://insttech.sharpschool.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_818922/File/Promethean/Handout-InspireMod1.pdf